Online shopping gives me a reason to live… at least for another 3-5 business days…

Falling in love with fashion will always be my biggest love affair. As much as I adore my husband and adore animals, I love fashion.

Some might think it’s materialistic. Others might see fashion as senseless or pointless. To me, I was enamored at a very young age and now I am sharing my affair with you.

I’m not shy about my love affair. Several years ago I asked one fabulous looking girl what color her lipstick was. I needed to know and I had to have it. It was MAC in the iconic Ruby Woo. I am still crazy about that bold red lip color today and will wear it every chance I see fit, even while gardening or running to the market in shorts & flip flops.

I tease my husband about how he owned only 5 shirts when I first met him. He was not a shopper and probably one of those that thought it was pointless. Or perhaps at that time he wasn’t a confident shopper. Today, there’s no bribing involved for him to go shopping with me. He’s confident in the store and granted my advice or approval might still be sought after, my stellar mentoring should be commemorated with a trophy!

Although my wanderlust has recently been delayed, traveling to new locations enables me to search for brands or local products that make me feel happy and good buying them. These are products that are committed to giving back and that are sustainable and ethically made.

I hope you find something beautiful to purchase today.

Shop for love, shop for life!

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