Staying Positive

With all of the doom and gloom of daily news, it’s hard to stay positive. There are clearly things we need to know, like how to protect ourselves and those around us, but we do not need to hear every unpleasant detail from morning to night. Here are some ideas to help us focus on the positive.

  1. Consume a healthy amount of news. For a pick me up, try watching heartwarming videos on Looking to stream a little calm? Check out It’s my newest obsession.
  2. Look after your neighbors. This act reminds us that we are here for each other.
  3. Focus on things that you previously had little time for like finally sitting down to read that book that’s been gathering dust or FaceTiming a friend. It’s amazing how catching up & laughing with a friend can boost spirits. It does the heart good!
  4. Send an unexpected gift or card in the mail. If you enjoy giving more than receiving, you’re in perfect company. (SURGE boutique provides free gift wrapping!)
  5. Before going to bed, reflect and acknowledge something that you’ve accomplished, learned or are grateful for and let positive emotions carry you off to sleep….