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Bakeshop Paranormal Books 1 & 2

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Freaking Forktados - Bakeshop Paranormal Book 1

When 19 year old Kellie transferred to the Yarmouth grocery store, she was looking for a new start after a bad breakup. Nick was a liar and a cheat and cute and sexy and… she needed to get him out of her head. New town. New house. New store. New friends.
She had no freaking idea.

Welcome to Forktados Bakeshop: cupcakes and creatures served fresh.

Burying Bakers - Bakeshop Paranormal Book 2

All Kellie wanted was a nice, quiet evening with her boyfriend, free from any paranormal activity. Running into her co-worker Edferd, the creepy baker with the filthy fingernails and a fondness for the bogs, put an end to that.

Edferd—who was almost probably definitely responsible for chewing somebody’s face off—claimed a previous relationship with Alice Baker, the ghost haunting Kellie’s house. But it was his sudden interest in Kellie’s mom that had Kellie really freaking out. Was Edferd trying to get with her ghost or her mom?

She knew she had to stop him before he made his move. And before more bodies were buried in the bogs. But how? After the Bigfoot in the freezer fiasco, who’d believe Kellie actually worked with a quasi-dead guy?

About the author:  Janet Garulay is a native New Englander and Bakeshop Survivor who suffers from cake decorating PTSD but is famous for her sugar cookies. She lives on Cape Cod with her husband, daughter, and exceptionally large Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Zuza. When she is not writing or baking, she enjoys long walks on the beach with Zuza and shopping at HomeGoods.