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Zodiac Perfumette Cards

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Zodiac Perfumette Cards

Gift mindfully with this cute Zodiac Perfumette Card. Ideal for stocking stuffers, valentines, teachers gifts, bridesmaids and more! Includes a "To:" and "From:" on the back for easy gifting.

.05 fl/oz  Eau De Parfum

As Seen On QVC, Allure, Marie Claire

Finding a signature scent that vibes with you, and doesn't trigger allergies or headaches can be frustrating. Founder Kristi Moe is taking the guesswork out of it and making it a fun experience. Her 3-year-long development process resulted in people preferring their own sign's perfume 80% of the time. How magical! The zodiac perfumes evoke a vibe reminiscent of each astrological sign. Her process combines several principles including aromatherapy and seasonal ingredients to reflect the sign’s personality and season in which they’re born. Wear your sign or the sign you wish to attract!

Made in United States of America